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We make sure to adapt our services to fit each of our customer’s needs, so they can trust us to reach the division and level of play they desire in League of Legends. We are not a typical boosting site. Alongside ensuring you reach your desired division, our services include aspects of coaching with the goal of helping you improve your gameplay for an affordable price.

We are the only service that provides Challenger and Grandmaster Boosting option for our clients, this means our boosters are skilled enough to get you to top #200 or top #1000 players on the server with a very high winratio, which makes us top of the market and that is exactly why 80% of our customers stay loyal to us and keep returning for a fast and safe boosting experience.

Automated boosting system

To make sure your order is always being completed as fast as possible, our boosters aren’t allowed to wait for more than 45 minutes between matches. Once your booster stops playing your order or surpasses the time limit, your order is available for other boosters to be picked up and finished. No other boosting site employs an automated system and that is why we work the fastest.

This system allows us to boost up to 4 divisions per account every single day. Regular boosting sites assign the whole order to one average booster, resulting in limited playtime, poor results, and rightfully furious clients.

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Champion Result Spells K/D/A Gold Items League
Xin Victory


3/4/10 7349 Diamond
Fiddlesticks Victory


3/2/7 6516 Diamond
Akali Victory


2/1/1 5862 Diamond