You may choose one of our many ranked boosting services and customize your order to fulfill all your demands- summoners, champions and roles optimalization, DuoQ boost or SoloQ boost, live streaming on private Twitch while completing your order or simple good old coaching.
We usually do 1-2 divisions a day on all divisions.
Our boosters are complete professionals and are not allowed to speak in game.
To complete your order as fast as possible, you won't be allowed to access your account while we are working on it. There's always going to be a booster finishing your order, however you always have the option to pause the boost so you can play normal games.
Right now we proccess payments through PayPal and we are working on debit cards, Skrill, and Bitcoin.
It is not possible to steal accounts since every account has a specific email associated to it, that only the owner has access to, so your account is always recoverable. Regardless, we also take extreme care to ensure that your information is kept secure.
Our boosters do not have access to the shop.
You will have access to livechat with the booster on our website.
No. If your booster isn't feeling well or runs into unexpected trouble another one will take up your order immediately for the sake of finishing it as fast as possible.
Absolutely, you can always contact us via form below or live chat and we will solve the problem.
Contact us on customer support, our staff will help you with the issue.
Currently we are only available on EUNE, EUW, TR, RUS.
Use division "+16 LP or less" feature otherwise your order will be converted to per win order at the same price. Or purchase win order.
Use the livechat on our website.